La Roux get the Lapse treatment!

Posted on August 4 2009


Lapse is at it again! This time Brittish electro-pop sensation La Roux, led by the ginger-haired singer Elly Jackson and produced by Ben Langmaid, get their third single ‘Bulletproof’ remixed by one of our favourite Cape Town based remixers (now there is a sub-genre), DJ Lapse! Or is it just Lapse now? Doesn’t matter, on to the music!

[Download not found]

This track is driven by sexy, yet simple keys that removes some of the urgency of the original, leaving behind a track that is smooth and sultry. The synths and claps that roll in and out add another layer that reminds you that, in the words of La Roux, “I’m having fun, don’t put me down…”.

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