Grave Danger, Skenegenes and sexy vibes!

Posted on May 29 2009

Grave Danger

I’m sure those of you who are in Cape Town already know all about Grave Danger as they seem to have taken the city by storm! For those of you who don’t, I’ll fill you in… Grave Danger are Malcolm Skene aka Magnum HIFI and Ian Skene aka Kid Colt. They have played at all the cool parties you wanted to go to and sure know how to get the floor banging! Mad bass lines and crazy beats are their flavour. If you don’t believe me listen to these gems below, they all have the electrotrash stamp of approval!

Grave Danger - Duck or Run – a nice banging number with a catchy bass line! (9.2MB)
Grave Danger - Move Just – the kinda electro you wanna party too! (12.9MB)
Skenegenes! - Got It – A mellow, sexy vibe under a new name! (11.0MB)

Check out their Facebook group over here!

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