NONONO!!! #13 @ The Willowvale Hotel (DBN)

Posted on March 8 2009

Nevermind The Bollocks Here's NONONO!!!
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Where: Willowvale Hotel, Willowvale Road, Durban
Cost: R40


So, we’ve decided to take our work back underground, to stop it from becoming so goddamned popular.

600 punters is way too many.

Thus it is that the good ship HMS NO CHEESE sets sail for sonic seas tempestuous and turbulent. Arrrrrr me hearties, a sailor’s life for mehehehehehe! Never mind the muppets, here’s NONONO!!!

What we got?

Drummatic subsonic bass – courtesy NISKERONE (It Came From The Jungle, Fiction, CT)

Razorsharp digital techno seizures – courtesy Durban’s true original psychopop princes – SEAKE.

Grooves so fuckin’ rare we don’t even know the artist or track name – courtesy THE ECLECTICA ALLSTARS.

Brutal beats straight outta B-More – comin’ atcha courtesy DAKIN AURET (USA)

Classics and fresh-as-daisies, courtesy LAPIS LAZULI.

What’ll we chant when the coppers try to close us down?

No More Corruption!
No More Injustice!
No More Shit Music!

Check out the Facebook event for more details!


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