Goldfish @ Carfax (JHB)

Posted on January 11 2009


Where: Carfax, Corner of Quinn and Gwi Gwi Mrwebi Street
Cost: R150 presale ( or 0117288417)

Goldfish hit Jozi for a night of all your favourite Goldfish tunes plus some tasty new remixes, alongside Household Funk, les Afrique, HO MAN, and Abyobaby, 1 dancefloor BIG SOUND and lighting this time…

“One of the first acts to truly jump the great divide between dance and live excitement” –

“These boys are the next Basement Jaxx, I really believe that” – Pacha MD Danny Whittle

“Make no mistake, these boys are gonna to be BIG! The two multi-instrumentalists captivate the crowd, and have the UK contingent scratching their heads and saying to each other ‘we’ve got to get these boys over to Europe…’ Essential.” –

“…these two freeform improvisation geniuses from South Africa are a real find. Using classic instruments to bring dance music to life, Dominic Peters and David Poole really are the sh*t. It’s no wonder that Pacha have signed them up for a residency in Ibiza this summer. Check out their forth coming album Perceptions of Pacha and prepare to be amazed! We Love ‘em!”
DJ Mag

Check out the Facebook event for more details!


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