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Posted on July 7 2008

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So we’ve been quietly plotting things, which meant that the blogging side of things were on the back burner. Sorry about that, but these things happen. The good news is that in some new an exciting stuff will be happing from our side soon, which we hope you kids will dig! In the mean time, why not download a few tracks from the music we’ve been listening too and let us know what you think!

Berlin’s queen of minimal, Ellen Alien, has just released her new album Sool, which is described as “subtle and misterious”. This album is quite different to her previous release which featured Apparat and was almost ‘minimal-pop’. Sool is darker and remeniscent of the Ellen Alien of old, while still managing to be something unique. The track Bim is a good example. Click here to download [via XLR8R]. Visit the BPitch Control page to stream and/or buy the album.

Another German release, this time on Gomma, longtime ET favourite Munk just brought out cloudbuster. The first single is Live Fast Die Old. The prerelease single features remixes by Juan Maclean, Headman and Maral Salmassi. You can get the latter remix here [via tonspion]. Part two of the Live Fast Die Old remixes features Ed Banger Allstars as well as WhoMadeWho.

The new CSS (Cansei Der Ser Sexy) album is to be released soon and will be called Donkey. Weird, I know…
The band is losing some of its pop-sound on this album and going for a grungier sound, which is appropriate considering they are signed to Sub-Pop. As a teaser they have released the track Rat is Dead (Rage) which you can download here. You do have to go through a small signup process in order to download, however it requires only your country and email details, so its pretty painless…
Their first single will be Left Behind which you can pre-order here and is to be released on the 14th of July.

Finally, Sébastien Tellier released the sexy and beautiful album Sexuality earlier this year. For those of you who missed it, be sure to check it out! As an added bonus to those of you who liked it (and as a teaser for those of you who haven’t heard it) download the Donovan remix over at betterPropaganda.

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