Redflecks, Unit.r and more!

Posted on April 8 2008

Redflecks @ Sexy Results

So dirtyoldman and I went off to Jo’burg this weekend for the Unit.r Phosphenes album launch at Carfax on Friday and then for Sexy Results at the super sexy venue Lemon8! Unit.r banged out a really awesome set even though the crowd was much smaller than I had anticipated! Phosphenes is an awesome album indeed! We will post a review of the album shortly, so stay tuned!

Sexy Results was quite a party… Five Men Three Missing played a great opening set, followed by Redflecks who really stole the show for me. So much energy and stage presence combined with great songs really got the crowd into the party mood. We are sad that Redflecks are back in the USA but so glad we got to watch them perform! Thanks to everyone who made their tour possible and thanks to Riaan from Canned Applause Records for the show on Saturday!

I have put some photos from Sexy Results up in the Gallery (courtesy of Lynn Landman) so go and check them out!

I also want to ask that you join our facebook group for the site… as many of you will remember we used to send out a newsletter to our users. With the new site, we no longer have users, so we will be using the facebook group to keep in touch of important updates etc. So go on down and join!

Thanks for your support!

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