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Posted on February 21 2008

Yeah it’s been a long wait, but it was worth it. Right? Right.

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After the jump: Sébastien Tellier, Matthew Dear, Gameboy/Gamegirl

Sebastien Tellier Sexuality Cover

On the 25th of Feb. long time et favourite Sébastien Tellier is releasing his new album entitled Sexuality. From what i’ve listen to all i can say is sexy! Over at Missingtoof they have a more complete write-up along with some sample tracks for your downloading pleasure.

Matthew Dear Don’t Go This Way



For those of you who heard last years Asa Breed from minimal detroit techno pop (phew!) producer Matthew Dear would have not forgotten its beauty. Exclusively available at the Ghostly Blog is the track “Don’t go this way”, which was recorded at the same as Asa Breed but didn’t make the cut. Think of it as sneak peak into his upcoming release…


Finally, Australian electro-rap duo Gameboy/Gamegirl are releasing what promises to by a fun, dirty EP in March. As a teaser they have released a video for their EP Golden Ghetto Sex. Check the video over at bigstereo.





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