Members: Alex van Rensburg, Nazieg Marco Iseppi

ScarCream is the name of the latest Cape Town electronic duo out to get dancefloors vibrating. Consisting of bassline beast Naartjie from P.H.Fat and ecclectition extraordinaire, Alex van Rensburg from 3CPU, ScarCream’s music ranges from full blown dubstep to straight high speed electro house and does a damn good job of doing it.

Deep wobble basslines that have entire dancefloors nodding their heads in down tempo unison are smashed apart by dramatic climaxes that have everyone sweating to keep up while morphing slowly back into deep dubby grooves.

Their hour long sets range from frantic to serene and are sure to drag you through an emotional journey that manages to leave you both dubbed and electro’d out.

ScarCream play off samplers, Kaoss pads, MPC’s… somewhere between a band and a DJ duo! If you get the chance, catch them live!

Grab some free mp3′s from these guys on our Downloads section here!


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