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Did you know:

* John Bartmann is the real-world name of Pravda23. Pravda23 was a music-making program designed in 1992, when underground acid house was finding its way into popular consciousness. The program invented the name John Bartmann to exist comfortably in the “real world”, and continues to masquerade as a human being with the use of technologically advanced holographic software embedded in its mainframe.
* Named after Russian propaganda newspaper Pravda, the numerical suffix was added as a forum user-name safeguard when the program realised that Pravda was too common a name. The number doubles as an age restriction guide for the musical content. Those over 23 may not understand the nuances.
* Pravda23 = a typically far-fetched anonymous claim to an individual Internet identity. Insignificant. Just a random collection of number/letter characters, really. A platform for the program to express all the rumbling creativity that boils in the circuitry beneath its calm, silicon and polyurethane exterior.
* Pravda23 means “fuck you” in Swahili.

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