Mix n Blend

Mix n Blend

Mix n Blend are 3 individuals who like to play with sound in all its forms, all the time, whether it be designing sonics for TV and radio or composing new material to play out live at at various festivals around the country.

We’re located on the tip of Africa, where there used to be a lot of dragons on sea maps a couple of hundred years ago. Now there aren’t any, and where we are, in Cape Town, all the Lion and wildebeest have now disappeared too.

We started playing music to people about seven years ago when we found out that we could make them do silly, entertaining and fascinating things with their bodies by bombarding them with sound. In those seven years we have had many silly entertaining and fun experiences and somewhere along the way have acquired two 606′s a couple of kaoss pads, a raft of tunes that we’ve cooked up in the depths of our bedrooms err…studios for live performance and a bunch of wayward yet incredibly talented musicians that we work with.

We DJ and cut styles up from funk to reggae to breaks to drum n bass, we basically just aim to try make your socks fall off and your mouth hurt from smiling.


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