Members: KLIKTRAK (aka Richard Smith)
Website: www.kliktrak.com


KLIKTRAK (aka Richard Smith) has been a pioneering force in the creation, performance and promotion of original electronic music in South Africa, since 1989. Progressing from various projects with brother KONTROLMAN (aka Matthew Smith) , including PARSON`S PROGRESS (1989-1991), the RYTHMN METHODISTS (1990-1994), and RED FRIDAY – the critically acclaimed LIVE act (1991-1996), KLIKTRAK has now established himself at the forefront of original electronic music production in South Africa, with his innovative solo endeavour.

KLIKTRAK was formed in response to the growing pressure exerted by the mass commercial “rave” scene developing in South Africa around 1995/6, together with the onset of creative differences between the more ecclectic/experimental leanings of KONTROLMAN and RED FRIDAY, and the more minimalist groove oriented expressions KLIKTRAK had always tended towards. Coupled with the fact that KONTROLMAN was about to embark on adventures directed towards deeper Africa, KLIKTRAK set about building upon the LIVE performance success he had enjoyed as front man of RED FRIDAY, as well as consolidating a collected range of electronic instrumentation into a productive professional home-studio.

The aim was to establish KLIKTRAK as an artist of quality, innovative electronic music, as well as a professional performance act, playing LIVE at electronic-future culture, and dance-music events, both in South Africa, and eventually internationally. KLIKTRAK now based in Durban, kwaZulu-Natal, continues to deliver professional performances of LIVE electronic music, as well as exploring his own interpretations of electronic future culture, and his subsequent expressions through electronic technology as a medium for music, in the form of aural art.

KLIKTRAK signed a licensing deal for 15 tracks to San Francisco based Technogenesis in 1999. KLIKTRAK Tracks have also appeared on various compilations, include GTFO mag, and SHEET – Sounds of the Durban Underground.


As KLIKTRAK has grown as an electronic music artist and producer in South Africa, while the society and political-economic and cultural dynamics around him ebbed and flowed in varying directions, critical questions began to arise, to the point of KLIKTRAK’s conundrum:

How as an electronic music artist can I continue in South Africa, being true myself, my art, my music and electronica ?

What has largely precipitated this thinking has been the consistent lack of acceptance of KLIKTRAK’s electronica and musical creations, because it doesn’t conform to pre-existing “marketable categorisation”. KLIKTRAK has been an artist out of time and sync with the rest of South African music culture. Having started creating, producing and performing long before the advent of Rave culture and acceptance of electronic and dance music and culture in South Africa, KLIKTRAK was never going to have an easy time convincing others in various electronica and dance music subcultures, that the music he created was indeed relevant to the contemporary electronica milieu.

KLIKTRAK continues to operate in the underground…

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