The Hotlips

Members: Johnny (Everything!)

See Johnny Neon to see what the Hotlips became!


A future hybrid of glam disco, electro-sex art pop known as The Hotlips. Started 4 years ago at philosophy, art and design class at university.

This insight into the sub-culture and pseudo art scene supplied the medium of expression through exposing the oppositions and atmosphere of contempt Where the abundance of the South African stereotype and pop aesthetic clashes with the hyper-reality of the art scene.

The South African culture is largely in orbit of the masculine figure. ” Keyboards and synthesizers embody this anti-aesthetic. Apposing the masculine guitar fronted rock music… Eventually I would like to start an aerobics class and make music all day. ”

Exhibitions inspired by the 70′s and 80′s give fusion to the music, with influences that combine with modern-day music genres and vintage electronics. The Hotlips create their own brand of electro, a mixture of old and new. vocals, drum machines circuit bent toys and analog chaos of retro machines… music that dares to dream …

EP comming soon, The Hotlips use a number of Toy keyboards (circuit bent), Sequential Circuits Sixtrak, EMS Synthi 100, ARP 2600, Korg Microkorg, Yamaha CS-15 and Roland Tr-707.and a load of softsynths.

Music feat on
SL Magazine,
German Snowboard Video
Int. Compalations
etc. etc.

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