Grave Danger

Grave Danger

Members: Malcolm Skene aka Magnum HIFI and Ian Skene aka Kid Colt

Moving rapidly to the top of Cape Town’s underground music scene as individual DJ’s it was just a matter of time before the Skene brothers got their shit together and created something that would shake our music world. Like a science lab experiment gone horribly right, something so terrific, so depraved it was destined to be as feared as it would be hailed. Feared by those that try to remain on the edge. Hailed by those in the thick of it.

With the focus shifting to creating an ever increasing catacomb of their own productions and remixes, Grave Danger’s DJ sets are packed tighter than a mass burial with booming bass lines, mesmerizing hooks and hypnotic beats. Genre hopping through indie, electro, house,
mashup and breaks their sets delivered over a decent system are guaranteed to get even the most frigid corpse on the floor from start to finish!

I shit you not. THIS IS GRAVE DANGER!!

Grab Grave Danger as well as Skenegenes (more chilled out stuff from the same dudes!) in our Downloads section!

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