Destrukto has been DJing since 1990. He has been involved in the Dance scene since 1990, he has DJ’d at Ice raves plus plenty parties such as Origin etc etc etc, Alternative scene (was a DJ at Alcatraz, Le Club, The Cramps, Red Room, CLOSER), indie and electro scene (Secret, Petting Zoo, Sovereign Academy, [insert name here], Kitcheners, Tokyo Star (with ManKazam and Klassikist on Thursday nights in Melville), Cellardoor (CCHQ), plus many many more parties at The Woods ie Dirty Dirty with Sweat.X, with Cyberpunkers at Town Hall, Toxic Avenger at Alex Theatre (organized it with us (Deconstruction) and the Dirty Dirty crew) as well as Urban Electric to name but a few. He has also been involved in the breakbeat and hip hop scene, played at 206, used to host hip hop vinyl nights with freestylers, beatboxers, b-boys and turntablists in Fourways, De Outehuis with Dj Fokkolnonsens, Blunted Stuntman etc. as well as many many parties, events raves etc etc. plus recently have been doing Dubstep sets at Kitchemers with Kid Fonque etc.

Some of the International acts Destrukto have played on the same line-up as: Derrick May, Kai Alce, Cyberpunkers, Toxic Avenger.

Local Dj’s Destrukto has played with: Klassikist, Infidel, Double Adapter, Andrew the DJ, ManKazam, Sassquatch, Easy Tiger, King of Town, Marc Latilla, etc etc etc, too many to mention.

Bands we as Deconstruction have hosted: Cutout Collective, The Frown, Tale of the Son, Boo!, Desmond and the Tutus, Sticky Antlers, The Make Overs, Us Kids Know, kidofdoom, Johnny Neon, MtKidu, etc etc etc.

We have also done Night of a 1000 Drawings, Pavement Special.

He has recently started playing around with Ableton Live with view towards doing my own remixes. Destrukto played in a few bands in the late 80′s that never got past the garage.

Destrukto currently uses CDJ800 and CDJ900′s. Numark TTX1 Turntables and MacBook Pro, Ableton Live 8.

Destrukto has recently started producing with his good fiend Koos Lubbe and they are called MonoDestrukt, check them here!

They have completed official remixes for The Frown and The Wild Eyes, as well as London based band, ULTERIOR they are busy on remixes for Gosteffects, !Trash Yourself, The Wild Eyes, Zebra & Giraffe, and The Shadowclub. MonoDestrukt are also producing original tracks.

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Facebook (Destrukto):
Facebook (MonoDestrukt)

For bookings: +27(0)76 346-4356


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