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Born and raised in a small, secluded town in the Namibian north, music has always been a way to both escape, and to express myself. I thought myself bit of a pioneer as I brought fresh new music to the few people who really appreciated it. To cut it short, I started out as a small town DJ, Uplifting Trance being my specialty… although, when you’re the only DJ in town, you’re bound to come across the odd school dance – where you don’t get to play what you want.

Afterwards I started dabbling in production. Unfortunately it was with Sonic Foundry’s Acid (which came with my brand new CD writer). It grew old really quickly, as there weren’t many samples included. eJay followed. I dropped that quicker than a flaming turd. I wanted to create my own music, not piece it together from other people’s samples. Then I discovered Fruity Loops. I created track after (original) track. Some of them were quite successful on the dance floor. Alas, all of them were lost in a fatal hard-drive to cement-floor accident, and the CDs that do exist are somewhere with an ex or in Hong-Kong (don’t ask).

When I started studying, producing moved way down in my priority list. Fruity Loops had become too artificial sounding as well. Then one day, a friend introduced me to Reason. That was the turning point. That was the birth of “Compl33t”.

Quite a few years had passed, and my taste and perception of music had changed. I found my style of producing had as well. I could sit days on end without being able to compose anything listenable. Then there are those days where I just sit down, and it flows like the most natural thing.

What’s the essence of my music? Expression, emotion, experiences, ideals and everything that makes me what I am. My influence is life and everything it gives me.


  • You Wish…(2005) – 5 Track EP as well as Lucidity (2006) – 5 Track EP

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