Members: Gerald Van Wyk


CoDeC is the result of a deeply grounded love for the weird and the wonderful things that we confide to in music. Coming from a background of drumming for punk bands (New World Inside, Some Kind Of Wonderful) from 2001 to 2004, I decided to take a step back
and take a break from the scene. After 4 years of traveling and taking a sabbatical from music, I was looking for a way to channel my energy and emotions into something constructive. To have total creative control over my output, I started playing around with music software and producing my own tracks.

I only recently started Djing some local Cape Town parties (Day Dream Nation, Arcade, T.I.T.E.S), and people seem to be loving the vibe. CoDeC has teamed up with The Sound (CoDeC vs The Sound) to create probably one of the most original sets doing the rounds on the Electro circuit. One of our most recent projects has been the aKing (The Dance) and kidofdoom remixes (Gotham City), of which the latter will be launched with the release of their new album.

CoDeC is also looking to take things live with a project called LAN.

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