Considerate Builders Scheme

Members: Justin de Nobrega
Websites: or


The Considerate Builder’s Scheme is Justin de Nobrega coming out of Cape Town, South Africa. Combining a love of hip hop with a constant need for experimentation and progression The Considerate Builder’s Scheme sound is meticulous and innovative; the ideas of construction and design are integral to the sound, but always with the focus on the music itself, not the process of it’s creation. Referencing everything from glitch and soul to Timbaland and The Neptunes the Considerate Builder’s Scheme and “Exit To Riverside” are all about presenting a fresh take on hip hop in 2006. Justin currently lives in Cape Town. He has released IDM as Seven Ark on Neo Ouija, Detroit Underground and Colony. He is also a member of Unit.R, a four piece crossover band that is currently gigging around South Africa.

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