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Get Jacob Israel To Portugal!

Posted on August 19 2008 by Rick Disco

Click for a larger version! On September 4th, 2008, a very special event is happening at Tings ‘n Times in Pretoria. Jacob Israel and Louis Minnaar have been invited to Portugal, where they are finalists in the 2008 Imago international film festival for the music video for “Her Narnian Horse Analogy” from Jacob Israel’s album, [...]

Jacob Israel Artist Profile

Posted on August 19 2008 by Rick Disco

Check out Jacob Israel’s Featured Artist profile!

A look at Moxyland: The Soundtrack

Posted on August 18 2008 by Jason D

I haven’t heard a compilation go down so well since Garden State. Don’t mention Juno. It sucks, okay?

Jacob Israel

Posted on August 18 2008 by Rick Disco

Members: Jacob Israel Website: Email: Jacob Israel, a self-taught electronic musician from Pretoria, has been producing music since 2000. So far, he has released two albums, “My Paper Nautilus”(2005) and “Birthright”(2008) and he’s currently working on a second release for this year. He has collaborated with SAMA award winners, Lark, to produce a [...]

Jacob Israel @ Berlin (JHB)

Posted on July 16 2008 by Rick Disco

Jacob Israel (live electronica) and Mr Knowbody (glitchtabulous-beatnicking DJ) live at Berlin. Where: Berlin, 7th Street, Mellville, JHB Cost: R20 Facebook event is here!

Jacob Israel – Birthright

Posted on February 21 2008 by Rick Disco

Jacob Israel finally released his much awaited follow up to “My Paper Nautilus“ last week. It is entitled “Birthright” and is available for free download! Jacob classifies the album as “Hard. Electronic. Experimental.” on his Facebook page and I would have to say it covers all three for sure! It is a great album showing [...]